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Acupuncture according to traditional chinese medicine has no side effects and can treat everything from insomnia, digestive disorders, headaches, stress, muscle pain, to infertility.


Circulates blood and relieves pain, wakes up areas with reduced flow. Good for back pain, sciatica, knee problems, osteoarthritis, paralysis and cellulite.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture, provides

enhanced beauty and wellbeing. A treatment given to the royal members in acient China that today´s Hollywood celebrities swop Botox for.


Trained in Ashtanga yoga, now specialized as instructor in MediYoga, a Swedish calm form that focuses on the spine, breathing and meditation. Book a private sessions or in groups.


Spinal adjustment, pain relief from back / neck injuries, stiff / sore joints and muscles, sports injury rehabilitation. Preventive and reactive care so you can avoid surgery or medication.


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